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Parsons is author of Broke: America's Banking System.

Since January 2012, Parsons has authored or co-authored four articles about bank risk management in The RMA Journal as well as three articles for the American Banker, including "Stinging Frogs and Other Unintended Consequences" which the American Banker recognized as one of its top 10 BankThink articles for 2012.

Prior to 2012, Parsons spent more than 31 years with Bank of America and its predecessors, NationsBank and NCNB. His industry experience is both typical and unique among bankers of his generation. Right out of the University of Virginia Darden School, Parsons joined North Carolina-based NCNB in the bank's Credit Department where he was trained in commercial lending. He then attended the bank's branch manager training program which focused on consumer lending, bank operations, and small business services. For the first 15 years of his career he worked in branch banking as well as consumer, professional-executive, small business, and commercial lending. While working 12 years in Florida and Texas during the 1980s and first half of the 1990s, Parsons saw first- hand the devastating impact bank failures have on communities when nearly 1000 financial institutions failed in those two states. Beginning in 1997 Parsons spent five years managing Direct Banking, which covered online banking and call centers. Over the last 11 years of his career, he worked in a variety of headquarters jobs including ones in Consumer Products, Sales/Service Processes, Marketing, Human Resources, and Risk Management.


Readers of Broke: America's Banking System should know that Parsons is a long-time shareholder in Bank of America (or predecessors) and he intends to remain a shareholder with a strong interest in the bank's success. Neither he nor members of his direct family own stock or debt in any other financial institution nor did he work for any financial institution or bank consulting firm during the time the book was written.