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Comments about Broke

Comments from Readers

"A great analysis of the history and causes of bank failures. It should become a required primer for new directors and a provocative call to action for existing boards. Highly recommend."

Daniel C. Regis

Independent Director and designated "Financial Expert"
Columbia Banking System, State of Washington

"Current and prospective bank directors could not wish for a better review of the complicated responsibilities they must discharge. Rick Parsons has written an elegant work of great insight and understanding. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough to bank directors, and for that matter, regulators and executives in banks large and small."

Lawrence G. Baxter, Ph.D.

Professor of the Practice of Law, Duke Law School
And former Executive Vice President, Wachovia

"This book is a welcome reminder to policy makers, regulators, and bankers that rebuilding banks' human capital is as important as rebuilding their financial capital. It should be read by all involved in renewing our broken banking system."

Simon Thompson

CEO, The Chartered Banker Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland

"While Mr. Parsons is very analytical in his approach, this is not a dry theoretical treatise. He mixes real and timely stories with intriguing research to make the case for radical change to the banking industry. We would do well to listen."

Doug Cruickshanks

Vice Chairman, First Bank, Nashville

"Bankers, directors, lawmakers, and regulators will benefit from this informative and passionate book."

William F. Githens

President and CEO, The Risk Management Association

"Broke: America's Banking System is a lively and incisive evaluation of the major problems plaguing the U.S. banking system. Parsons not only diagnoses problems, but also offers thoughtful and sometimes provocative prescriptions for curing the most important chronic problems in U.S. banks."

Randal Gorman

Retired Senior National Bank Examiner, OCC

"He presents his reasoning and conclusions in nontechnical terms that make them accessible to the general public as well as the banking profession and its supervisors. Parsons makes substantive recommendations for dealing with the problems he sees coming in the future as well as for past problems that remain uncorrected. Even if one doesn't agree with his suggestions, they should stimulate thoughtful discussion. A very valuable book for the banking industry."

William W. Sihler

Professor of Business Administration
University of Virginia Darden School of Business

"Broke: America's Banking System is a must-read for bank directors and executives."

Scott Cammarn

Partner, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft